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An Interview With Katie Joubert - ID.3 Interior Designer

How has living in Tahoe inspired your interior design philosophy?

KJ: Tahoe has inspired me to create meaningful spaces where people come together. Within those boundaries, are places to decompress and gather. Nature will always be inspirational for colors, texture and balance.

As an interior designer where do you go for inspiration?

I find cultural experiences critical to my interior design palate. Museums and walks in cities inspire my understanding of architectural details and scale. Reading and conversations with mentors and their observations on life and lifestyles are great ways to stay grounded and inspired. Sometimes inspiration can come from something as simple as an outstanding photograph.

Is there an aspect of interior design that often goes unnoticed that you believe deserves more credit?

The amount of multi-trade knowledge that is required for job site meetings is often taken for granted.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone considering hiring an interior designer?

Trust the design process and your designer, it can be a very enjoyable experience.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone considering a career in interior design?

Value the experience of a team. It takes the commitment of the builders, architects, designers and laborers to create a beautiful space.

What brought you to ID.3?

Two designers that I admire and my personal desire to be part of a team that encourages collaboration and growth.

What strengths have you brought to the firm?

I am committed to a project to the end. I work hard to bring new thoughts and ideas to the table. I love to support others in the office and cherish the process that happens when we work together as a company.

What feeds your creativity?

Talking about design with other designers. The design community stretches from artists to builders. There is endless amounts of knowledge out there for the taking.

What didn’t they tell you in design school that you wish you would have known?

That a degree in Textile Production & Design can lead to a career in interior design! I studied the design and fabrication of fabrics and it directly ties into my love love of color, texture and design.

What is the benefit of working alongside millennial women?

They have deft technological skills.

What are the most important personality traits to have while designing a home and working with both clients and tradespeople?

Both require establishing trust and respect early on in the relationship.

Aside from design, what are your passions?

I am an outdoor enthusiast, always looking for that next adventure in my backyard or on the road. I enjoy cycling very much, my current favorites are my gravel bike and one speed. I enjoy the camaraderie of friends in the mountain environment whether on bikes, skiis or on foot.

What is your interior design super power?

Strong organizational and communication skills.

What are your colleagues' interior design super powers?

Amy has a great presence with the unique ability to relate to all people in many situations.

Heidi is down to earth! She has a smart and natural approach to the design process.

Shannon truly wears so many hats and does them all well. From leading her team of designers, staying on top of new and innovative technologies, to creating fresh and award winning designs while always maintaining confidence on the jobsite. She’s funny as hell, too!

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