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What are the most important personality traits to have while designing a home and working with both clients and tradespeople?

Being organized is an absolute must. As designers we are keepers of all “the bits” — some of them are big, some small, but without all the pieces of the puzzle can’t come together. Being able to work well with others is also very important, there are so many people needed to build a home and create a space that a client loves. Being able to build relationships with each of those people is so important.

What are your colleague’s interior design superpowers?

Each of the women I get to work with have so many superpowers! It’s impossible to pick out just one. I appreciate Amy’s ability to stay so organized and keep all that info in her brain and on our schedules! I admire Katie’s cool, calm and collected demeanor, and Shannon for being our fearless leader, always ready to help in any way that she can.



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